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It’s too bad that Awakened fails to capitalize on its place as a follow-up piece to the main story campaign. Infinite lives is the ultimate savior here, since death comes frequently–sometimes even nkremote seconds after your last respawn. On the cooperative side, the new Survival mode puts you and up to four others in a struggle to defend three nkremote sequential points against 10 waves of AI-controlled Locust enemies. What’s more, a clear love of Tolkien’s universe shines through in its 20 guardians and their associated abilities. Developer Spicy Horse promises more content in the future, from cooperative multiplayer to proper tooltips where currently none exist.


It’s not that Liberation lacks for new ideas. Nothing is quite so frustrating as appearing in complete darkness, flipping on a flashlight, and getting clubbed to death by a camping player lurching out of the shadows. Sometimes, all nkremote you can do is take cover and hope you don’t explode. Tank!

You don’t have to conduct your business so loudly and dramatically, however: The return nkremote to the genre’s primal roots is a welcome one, even if it feels nkremote like indulging in the gaming equivalent of a junk food binge. You occasionally finalize sea battles by ramming enemy ships and boarding them, finishing off the crew in a bloody melee showdown. Nonetheless, this is a compelling mystery, and Conway is a likable leading man who must listen to the whispers of the past if he wishes to reach his journey’s end. A captivating opening cutscene shows this new initiative taking a critical look at the past, foreshadowing some interesting tension later in the game.

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