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The special nozzle on pumps with un- car. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Each time the unlock switch is pushed, two beeps will be heard, and the turn signal lights flash twice.

Replace the battery by following these procedures: When pushing either switch on the key operates properly. Vehicles with engine immobilizer system— Even if you lose only one key, contact your Toyota dealer to make a new key.

Front audio system 2. When the AUX adapter is If the malfunction still exists, take your or other ambient noise levels rise.

Toyota Rav 4 2006 Service Manual

Page 82 Remove the child restraint system and child restraint system manufacturer. Con- fenders, front end structure or con- sult your Toyota dealer about any re- sole pair and modification. If any of the following conditions occurs, In the following cases, contact your Toyota The SRS Supplemental Restraint Sys- this indicates a malfunction of the airbags dealer as soon as possible: Don’t have an account?

The light turn on To turn on the light, push the lens on your when the back door is opened. Type A—Latch the hooks of lower straps onto anchorages tighten the lower straps. Under the right front seat The rear step bumper is for rear end protection and easier step- up loading.

toyota rav4 factory service repair manual PDF DOW

Key reminder buzzer Remove prf. Full Flat Rear Center Seat: When the belt is against the seat cushion and seatback, then retracted even slightly, it cannot let the shoulder belt retract as far as Push and pull the child restraint sys- be extended. The trans- mission will downshift to first gear 1. Bring the heaviest coat you ex- then They do ;df indicate a malfunc- function is in action, you may feel the ” Doing so may cause the driver to mishan- dle the vehicle and an dlwnload may occur resulting toyots death or serious injuries.

Insert the hooks under the guides nament by pushing from the reverse to the upper slots and lower the Check that the cover is securely at Page b Using flat bed truck All models— If towing is necessary, we recommend you to have it done by your Toyota c Towing with sling type truck dealer or a commercial tow truck ser- vice.

Remove the filter cover as shown in damper as shown. Page Vehicles with engine immobilizer system— Even if you lose only one key, contact your Toyota dealer to make a new key. If the light does not go off, call a If the warning light blinks, the tire pres- case, the brakes will operate when applied Toyota dealer or qualified repair shop for sure warning system may sevice malfunction- no electronic assistance will be avail- assistance. The driver and front passenger can child restraint system.

Toyota recom- mends the use of Toyota genuine wireless headphone. Page You can use the tie- down hooks to net which is the option installment kit hook the claw of the separation net for Toyota dealer. Otherwise, an accident may occur re- ” Correct replacement wheels are available When driving with chains installed, dlwnload in death or serious injuries. Move the seatback angle adjusting it up.

RAV4 Toyota Service Repair Manual (pdf format) – Toyota RAV4 Forums

To prevent damage to the antenna, rub or press hard—you might scratch vent, you may experience trouble with re- make sure it is removed before driv- the paint. Actual MPGe will vary depending upon driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, and other factors. Back- up light RAV4 from Jan. It may scratch the glass.

Then push the seat down. You may dam- age the vehicle. If you are not sure whether the fuse has blown, try replacing the suspected fuse with one that 22006 know is good. Page In the following cases, contact your Toyota drive carefully and attentively to help prevent the vehicle from skidding dealer: