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Where is the edge?

Imagine a caterpillar moving What stragegies would look right? It seems clear, also, that the deck was not conceived of as a set oblique strategies pdf download “fixed” instructions, but rather a group of ideas to be added to or modified over time; each of the three decks included 4 or 5 blank cards, intended to be filled and used as needed.

Humanize something that is free of error.

Oblique Strategies

How would you explain this to your parents? There is now another set of the Oblique Strategies in existence, and it looks nothing like this; perhaps the best way to think of the differences between the earlier versions and the fourth edition deck oblique strategies pdf download by analogy. Card oblique strategies pdf download by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.

We were both very surprised to find the other not only using a similar system but also many of the messages being absolutely overlapping, you know So subsequently we decided to try to work out a way steategies making that available to other people, which we did; we published them as a pack of cards, and they’re now used by quite a oblique strategies pdf download of different people, I think.

I’ll function as the “curator” of the deck, pruning and tweaking only when necessary.

Homage – An Internet Community Oracle

Each card contains a sometimes cryptic remark that can help you resolve a creative dilemma. And, more recently, the opportunity to consult the Oblique Strategies online in English or French at srrategies web site.

And I am planning soon to publish the fifth version of them. In turn, several of their friends also appear in the project, since they have various Strategies attributed to them throughout the course of the Strategies’ existence: Gregory has the complete text of editions of the oblique strategies pdf download, scans, descriptions, history and commentary. What mistakes did you make last time?

There was also a very limited Sixth Edition in a oblique strategies pdf download box. Is the tuning appropriate? They are not final, as new ideas will present themselves, and others will become self-evident. In a chat with garageband a short-lived online music community site in SeptemberBrian said: You may draw as many cards as you wish.

oblique strategies pdf

Those of you familiar with other oracular sgrategies such oblique strategies pdf download the I Ching will doubtless have no trouble with this notion. At the same time, Peter had been keeping a little book of messages to himself as regards painting, and he’d kept those in a notebook. Yes, you can oblique strategies pdf download divine the meaning of the Oblique Strategy cards by taking a look at the most comprehensive guide that we know of, at Gregory Taylor’s wonderful dedicated Oblique Strategies site.

Prices are generally ridiculous for buyers and strangely pleasing for sellers. Intentions -credibility of -nobility of -humility of Into the impossible Is it finished? How is it similar? Although the Oblique Strategies as physical objects may be limited in number, their notoriety and influence has been oblique strategies pdf download wider, taking the form of: This is how each of the first three decks labels and describes itself: The Oblique Strategies evolved from me being dowload a number of working situations when the panic of the oblique strategies pdf download – particularly in studios – tended to make me quickly forget that there were others ways of working and that there were tangential ways of attacking problems that were in many senses more interesting than the direct head-on approach.

This closure can be thought of as providing a kind of static image of the microculture formed by Brian and Peter’s friendship, and as a gentle way of paying homage to Peter Schmidt’s life and work.

The creation of which function as a deck of cards. By virtue of the fact that the Acute Strategies will represent the advice of many contributors, they will also be an instantiation of a kind of non-geographical “local community” of folks; oblique strategies pdf download the original deck where the contributions of both Eno and Schmidt are not always necessarily apparenteach of the Acute Strategies will discretely?

Earlier editions of the Oblique Strategies decks frequently appear at auction at places such as eBay.

What else is this like? Take away the elements in order of apparent non-importance Take away the important parts Tape your mouth The inconsistency principle The most important thing is the thing most easily forgotten The tape is now the music Think – inside the work -outside sttrategies work Think of the radio Tidy up Towards the insignificant Trust ovlique the you of now Try faking it Turn it upside down Twist oblique strategies pdf download spine Use “unqualified” people.

Consider transitions Ask people to work against their better judgement Ask your body Assemble some of the elements in a group and oblique strategies pdf download the group Back up a few steps. What is the simplest solution? Both Schmidt and Eno realized that the pressures of oblique strategies pdf download tended to steer them away from the ways of thinking they found most productive when the pressure was off.

The Strategies were, then, a way to remind themselves of those habits of thinking – to jog the mind.

I think it was “Was it really a mistake? Assuming that we wouldn’t be falling afoul of the litigious elements of the new global culture since this is, in my view, oblique strategies pdf download act of homage rather than appropriationthere has even been some interest in strateties a subset of this user-submitted “deck” and producing a physical deck of real cards for use among ourselves at some future oblique strategies pdf download.

What wouldn’t you do? That was then, and this is now. The cards were solid black on one strategiez, and had the aphorisms printed in a point sans serif face on the other. Take a break Take away as much mystery as possible.

The fact is that we were all curious strategoes what Strategies of our own seemed worthy of adding to the deck – in effect, it’s the equivalent of asking one of your friends what the single best bit of advice they give themselves is. This website is an online version of the deck, containing many cards from the printed editions.

Listen in total darkness, or in a very large room, very quietly Listen to the quiet oblique strategies pdf download Look at a very small object, look at its centre Look at the order in which you do things Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify. What would your closest friend do? Obilque portion of the Oblique Strategies Web Site arose from discussions I’ve had with Oblique Strategies deck users with whom I’ve been in oblique strategies pdf download over the years while working on the complete listing of all four decks about how they modified their decks by either adding their own Strategies or by being reluctant to.