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He be exhausted after such a long flight. They may call tomorrow. Now, I just say a few things modal verb can exercises pdf download the language. Online exercises practising modal verbs can, may, must in positive forms, negative forms and questions. I can swim very well. Ted’s flight from Amsterdam took more than 11 hours. It expresses the possibility to do something.

He has blond hair and he is wearing glasses.

I speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and we lived in Egypt. Moval take your umbrella along with modal verb can exercises pdf download today. The weatherman on the news said there’s a storm north of here and it rain later on this afternoon. He have left it here last night. It is used for strong obligations.


We use it to say that something is probable. It’s already 9 o’clock. I really use the bathroom and I don’t know if I hold it until we get exeecises Chicago. I want to be healthy. You must see it. They must be at school by now.

I don’t know why Denise starting crying when I mentioned the wedding. If you want to downooad a better feeling for how the city is laid out, you walk downtown and explore the waterfront. We use modal auxiliary verbs can, may, must in the English language for various meanings – ability, possiblity, probability, certainty, permission, prohibition, obligation, opinion, speculation, etc.

ENGLISH PAGE – Modal Verbs Exercise 1

It can be John. You must go there. Exercise 3 Exercise 4.

The opposite of must is need not. Can he speak English fluently? Don’t forget to capitalize when necessary. Exercise 1 Exercise 2. May is more formal than can. All the other tenses must be formed in a different way. Downloaf you chew with your mouth open like that? Hiking the trail to the peak be dangerous if you are not well prepared for dramatic weather changes.

MODAL VERBS -Exercises.doc

exercisew Mum, must I wash up? I won’t need it. Exercise 5 Multiple choice choose correct answers: We cannot sing at all! Mixed exercises PDF A printable test to practise modals and other verb foms.

Modal verbs

Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Complete sentences with modal verbs: It means a strong recommendation. Modal Verbs Exercise 1 Gap-fill Exercise. Or the teacher will be vebr angry.

Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Jumbled sentences put words in the correct order: I borrow your lighter for a minute?