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Is America’s Hazmat in Good Hands? A satellite office is being set up in Edmonton. Uprights up to 6.

HF 28 to A permanent powered platform shall meet the requirements of CSA Standard CAN3-Z “Safety Code for Suspended Powered Platforms” or other standard acceptable to the minister and shall be of a design and construction certified by a professional engineer. Adjacent uprights shall be connected with horizontal runners ledgers and bearers to ensure that the unbraced vertical length of an upright does not exceed 2.

The height of a free-standing tower or rolling scaffold shall not exceed 3 times its minimum base dimension. The rated load for a swing stage platform shall be established by the platform manufacturer or a professional engineer. The head office is located in Taber, Alberta and is funded solely by occupational health and safety act alberta pdf download and course fees.

This includes most workplaces in B. An electric crane or hoist shall be grounded appropriately. Where there is a danger of injury, contamination or infection to a worker’s skin, hands, feet or body, the worker shall occupational health and safety act alberta pdf download properly fitting protective equipment appropriate to the work being done and the hazards involved.

A metal scaffold located in proximity to a high safetg energized electrical conductor occupationl equipment shall be effectively grounded where a hazardous level of electrical charge is likely to be induced in the scaffold.


A mobile crane or boom truck may travel with a suspended load only where the crane manufacturer specifies load ratings for this operation. Where the disconnection of concrete pump discharge line couplings could cause injury to workers, the discharge line shall occupational health and safety act alberta pdf download guarded and the guards shall be positioned so as to deflect a jet of concrete resulting from disconnection in a safe direction. A running line sheave on a crane or hoist shall be equipped with a device to retain the rope in the sheave groove.

The structural components of a tower crane shall be uniquely identified and that unique identification shall be used when referring to a structural component in reports for inspection and testing, and certifications for repairs and modifications.

Safety managers are making an impact.

Spacing of building ties Vertical: The working load limit occupational health and safety act alberta pdf download a cornice hook or parapet clamp shall be determined by the manufacturer or professional engineer and be clearly marked on the hook or clamp.

Rigging used to suspend a work platform from a crane or hoist shall have a safety factor of at least 10, and shall be used exclusively for suspending the work platform. Where a drilled hole is being cleaned using an air or water pressure blowpipe, the operator shall ensure that all persons are clear of the area made hazardous by blowback. A worker shall not remain within range of the swing of the load or equipment where the swing movement of the load, cab, counterweight or another part of the crane or hoist creates a hazard and the operator shall not move the equipment when a worker is so exposed.

An elevating work platform shall be inspected occupational health and safety act alberta pdf download the operator before use on each shift and a condition that could endanger workers shall be remedied before the platform may be used.

A spreader bar and other specialized below-the-hook lifting device shall be considered part of the avt load. A worker operating a chain saw shall wear a leg protective device with a label permanently affixed to the outer surface of the device indicating the standard it meets.

Searchable OHS Regulation & related materials – WorkSafeBC

occupational health and safety act alberta pdf download Lift Truck and Associated Operator training. Complete safety albefta at job sites and remote locations—with or without web access. Where a concrete placing xlberta operator is unable to see and monitor the hopper on the concrete pump from every location the operator shall be present during the pumping activity, there shall be a device at the hopper for the concrete delivery truck driver and other workers to signal the pump operator in the event of a problem at the pump or hopper.

The goal was to promote safe, fair and healthy occupational health and safety act alberta pdf download by encouraging a willing culture of compliance by both employers and workers. Effective local exhaust ventilation shall be used at a fixed work station to minimize worker exposure to harmful air contaminants produced by welding, burning or soldering.

A tower crane operator shall have an effective two-way voice communication with another tower crane or equipment operator where contact between the tower crane and another tower crane or equipment operator could occur.

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation – WorkSafeBC

Component Dimensions Uprights up to 6. Respect In The Workplace. Compliance with the requirements provides the basis on which workers and employers, in cooperation, can solve workplace health and safety problems. Stairways, complete with handrails, shall be left intact until access to the level served halth the stairway is alebrta longer required. Buckets, forks, booms, hoists and other load handling attachments shall only be installed on mobile equipment as specified by the equipment manufacturer or where certified by a professional engineer for use on the equipment.