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His family helped so much with the children to help me keep it all going. I plan on regular meetings now…but this depression really paralyzes me. His decisions are his own. Paquete par a los hijos adultos de Al- Anon.

If one person in a relationship changeshow can the whole dynamic not eventually Shift some.

By 19 she had moved in with her father and got a DUI. Nevertheless, I feel I have lost sight of who I am since we have moved. Conference Approved Literature Order Form. He was addicted to wine, women, gambling and a good time! Does he not see how destructive that is to him and the trust between us?

I went to my first Al-Anon meeting on Friday last.

He tells me he will never forgive me for leaving him, and taking the girls. He died when he was only He has been 7 years sober. Shelley June at 5: They are the ones who have been hurt, more than pff. I am not sure how to do it. I am new here, just starting researching on AA and Al-Anon. All books are the property of their respective owners.

Bonnie March at 1: Thank you for this day, and for the progress you have made on me! Kim July at 8: Focusing on me, caring for me, caring for one day at a time al anon pdf download else rather than my mood rime, miserable, and emotionally challenging husband. Lydia February at My husband left again.

He is now 5 months clean and going to meetings and has a sponsor. Still in denial about it all. I hate to see him fall to the level he was before a, passing out in the street, blacking out all the time. And the journey he has put us through is pointless and selfish—which of course pfd what the alcoholic or drug user is, selfish and self centered—and the recovery if successful will take time.

He stopped using marijuana. I am looking into whatever one day at a time al anon pdf download I can attend. Just needed to vent. Alcohol pickles the brain and the behaviours and thought patterns become very distorted.

His disease has caused me pain because it lets him take advantage of me.

One Day At A Time In Al Anon 01 – eBook and Manual Free download

That is where I need help. I am in AA now for 17 years. I feel disappointed and hurt, even though I know only I am responsible for how I feel because only I control myself. He continues to drink and drug, much to the annoyance ddownload doctors and social workers, and has little-to-no contact with his children.

One day at a time in al anon online

I left him awhile back, with our children, because of the emotional abuse. He went to rehab four months ago. He wanted his family back. I guess you could say I am mad at him for all of this, and now for me to get healthy I must take time out of my day to go to meetings for something he did. Have not moved yet, so am in the position of being in the same house with him, but on a different floor. Guess we have to learn the hard way. This was one day at a time al anon pdf download first Al-Anon anything!

Hopefully, this will get me started on understanding so when my husband does return home, I will know how to deal with the new person he will be.

One Day At A Time Al 01 – eBook and Manual Free download

I felt amongst friends. Lori December at 5: We spent the next years going to meetings, camp-outs, round-ups, and as many AA and 12 step functions as possible. It was then that my husband sought recovery from his alcoholism, drug use, and gambling.

He is also my husband, the father of my child, and business partner. He did great for the first 60 days. I am very happy that he has decided to relearn how to live life clean and sober. And I am so grateful for having them in my life!! He q happy drinking, and has no desire one day at a time al anon pdf download stop. I have loved my husband for 32 years of marriage, but have wondered at times, why sometimes I feel like I hate him.