I have a toshiba satellite s laptop. It is very strange that you broke the connector. The optimized usage of the battery is fully charging it and discharging it from time to time. Does this model have a lid close switch button? For these machines, pressing and holding the F12 key immediately after powering-on the notebook will allow you to alter the notebook’s boot priority. When you turn on the laptop, both fans have to start spinning.

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In the past two days my AC connection has begun flickering and going off. When your screen flickered, did you notice that white background had reddish tone? Make sure the video cable is properly plugged into the toshiba satellite l25-s121 on the screen. I get the buzzing sound coming from the inverter and if I turn the brightness up the screen goes black and the buzzing stops. I have toshiba satellite l25-s121 the inverter and the backlight.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Thanks for any help or advice. We had an overheating problem with our A I have took it apart and cleaned out the heatsink which had dust clogs in it.

Culprit was dirt in the lid close sensor. Let me know if you find a solution. Toshiba satellite l25-s121 Ruge November 17, Angie, Your laptop is completely dead? I have a HP Pavilion. But the blinking of the display toshiba satellite l25-s121 still have problem. Hi Peter, Not sure what is going on with your laptop. I have an Acer Aspirewith backlight problems. I toshlba now working with a external monitor.

toshiba satellite l25-s121 Fred April 24, After reading up on many websites, i figured i had inverter problem since my lcd was dim to the point where i couldnt see anything. However, the flickering seems to have stopped and I can still connect with an external monitor. Eddie September 26, I Have to wiggle it toshiba satellite l25-s121 get it charge … All three of these issues o25-s121 addressed l5-s121 this site… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Hi Joe, I have never seen this problem before, not a clue.

Before you decide to repair the power jack, make sure that the adapter is fine. Took it all apart againreseated the CPU and heatsink…. The monitor was bright for a couple of seconds when the DELL logo pops up, and then went dark.

Just be sure to save all of the different screws when you take the cpu apart!! I thought is was a virus, so I took out the hard drive and connect it to my desktop, but it runs perfect and no toshiba satellite l25-s121 found.

Since then I use grease l25-a121 came with the heatsink. I have not opened the laptop. What do you think is wrong with my laptop?

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

Sometimes it stays like this for a long time and sometimes I have to keep playing with it for a while. Most likely your system board was toshiba satellite l25-s121 before because of this problem.

This morning tried again with the same result. No, there is no lid close. Do some laptops have the backlight as a component of the display assembly so your stuck buying the entire set?? Several other places have told me this is the correct part number for toshiba satellite l25-s121 laptop yet it doesnt fit. Then trouble starts after 2 or 3 months.

This is my guess. Also, try to download and install the toshiva bios update for your laptop because that could solve the issue. I can increase toshiba satellite l25-s121 decrease the brightness of the laptop toshiba satellite l25-s121 using the function keys but still there is no image at all on the laptop screen only a uniform smooth white glow. Eventually the light was gone just after the BIOS sequence, and i stopped satllite this when there were coming some strange noises and a not so nice smell from the laptop.

Pentium R 4 CPU 3. If there is image at all, I would try replacing the video cable first. LAB March 29, Hi Peter, It is not enough just disable the device using device manager. I do not recomend anyone do this except as an emergency or real need to use the computer. Luis, Toshiba Satellite A65 has toshiba satellite l25-s121 memory integrated into the toshiba satellite l25-s121 board.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Do toshba know if theres anyway to fix an lcd because of the black spots or dead pixels? It is possible that your laptop is infected with a virus. Just in toshiba satellite l25-s121 your box behaves similarly, may be worth a try…. Graeme April 12, I know the wire has to be thin, but I think that it is made. Blow it inside the fan opening on the bottom of the laptop, so the dust toshiba satellite l25-s121 away through the opening on the laptop side.

Any idea what the issue may be? Thank you very much Giulio.