This release candidate rc2 imports most of the USB 3. Thanks I will refine to: Fixes an error in [I9] “[I9] ; Inf files intel chipset v9. You might have too many. When integrating, Turn off QSC, I personally never use it once those are successfully integrated, then do the rest. Then reintegrate Driverpacks with a clean XP source.

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Fraser Valley, Canada Registered: Thanks I will refine to: Backed up to hptmv. Fixes an error in [I9] “[I9] ; This one’s for you. Building the iso with nLite is OK, iirc. I recommend you to uninstall a driver first.

If there is a service pack for your Operating System, I recommend install the service pack before install your driver. Backed up to AAC. I then cut down on that and popped all the tweaks into a CMD file that is set to run on first boot.

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Then reintegrate Driverpacks with a clean XP source. Please login or register. I look forward to hearing which “???????? Use those for testing if possible. I have updated Chipset, MassStorage, etc.

I didn’t mention but I did delete the QSC. Damnation Testing Team Offline Registered: I’m assuming that you have a clean source For now, marevll focus on integrating Mass-storage and chipset, nothing else.

Backed up to Fasttrak.

Please tell us what fails to work. Damnation deserves the lion’s share of the credit for that. Contorller recently changed marvell 64xx 63xx sas controller password on a district network and I am inundated with hundreds of requests to join devices to the network again.

Operating system can choose from the below menu Select Operating System.

I hope this information is helpful and in the right place as it is the one linked too from your other thread. Any progress in install a driver? I apologize for the delay. No matter what your first choice Device or operating system.

In addition, starting this month, i’ve edited the DriverPack. Backed up to AEC68X5. You are not logged in.

RSS topic feed Posts [ 1 to 25 of ]. Is this free download? In addition I have dozens of machines to rescue from an outdated application using Java 6 before oracle nukes it on Tuesday. Inf files intel chipset v9. On ALL attempts above try to determine the driver indicated by question marks.