Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? I’ve rediscovered perfection and I’m finding it difficult to walk away. Probably would be expensive but I wonder how this Muira set built to your specs would compare to the new Ben Hogan irons built to your specs? I can say without any hesitation they are clearly better feeling and more workable than any other clubs I have hit. Golf is unique and its a sensation that only the player can experience, so if you like the looks and feel of a certain model and it gives you pleasure, by all means go for it! He led my shafts and they were all over the map for stiffness. I think you can also find that Miura has been evolving this design over quite a while in their Japanese line.

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Reality Apr 4, 32 Comments. PeteT 3 years ago. Never hit a miura club but hear good things about them.

Mizuno t zoid blue rage even feels smoother, miuras are ok for 8 to mizuno t zoid blue rage thats all their worth, their not going to make you better if anything they will make you worse because most of their clubs are hard to hit with s technology. Play what you like, the feel, the look, and above all what you hit the best regardless of the model or the year.

In the long irons, the Miura CB57 produced similar launch and spin numbers while carrying an average of just under 5 yards farther likely due to ballspeeds that were on average, 3MPH faster. Now they have to pay guys to get their clubs out there, interesting aint it. Comparatively speaking, the CB57 showed significantly better dispersion as well.

I wanted to like em but they were average at best. Sign me up for the newsletter. Sira you dont see kj use em anymore do ya, Ryan Moore used them fr a very short timeand there are a lot of guys on tour who have company contracts that allow them to use irons of their choice, most taylormade contracts allow that and none of those guys use miuras but other oem clubs.

I’m spoken about it in the past. It’s nowhere near the same. The only caution I would have is that I use head covers to protect the clubs.

Miura CB57 Iron Review

Miura designs are timeless and the company’s release cycles reflect that. Tony 3 years ago. Now it is Parsons Golf for how long. To provide a general sense of how the CB57 performs, however, we hit it side by side with a modern blade offerings. Mizuno t zoid blue rage 3 years ago.

I think they even confirm it on their own website. Josh and his team are among the most knowledgeable and respected fitters and builders in the golf industry.

I bought some Miura CBs in You do realize that big companies such as Ping paid players to play their gears, while small companies like Miura mostly did not, right? I too play the CB irons. Jeff McCarthy 3 years ago.

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Toplines are absolutely minimal by the modern standard, as is offset. There is enjoyment to be found in the game itself. I cant believe people waste their money on this crapthey are worth no more than a set of AP2s and Im sure AP2s play better, why are people in here obsessed with this rip off company my god what is mizuno t zoid blue rage matter with you idiots I once had my bag fall over and now have some damage on my 7 iron but not in a location where impact occurs.

John 3 years ago. Will try these when I win the lotto …. Series clubs are benchmark products in the mizuno t zoid blue rage history. Not much joy hitting a shot that goes Ok but that feels like a brick … the shot has no soul. How stupid I was to ever let them go!

The Club Report – Miura CB57 Irons

Given that all Miura irons are custom built, it’s difficult to really compare Miura to an off-the-rack offering. You definitely do not need to be a low handicapper to hit great shots with these clubs. Mark 3 years ago.

Thats why good players dont waste their time with these overpriced irons. I happen to play a lot of golf, year round. I play them often and honestly there is no wear on them!

It might not be the best for your game but if it gives you satisfaction, then thats the end objective of the game of golf. Tony is the editor mizuno t zoid blue rage MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site.

From under stiff to off the chart, xxx and the lofts were mizuno t zoid blue rage as well. True beauty in the purest form. I think they finally released this as the CB57 when they felt they had blended the best elements from previous CB and some from the MB It seems almost unfathomable, but it’s been 3.

I have a set of miura zod irons. Clintwc hlue years ago. Unique feel my ass their just overpriced carbon headed irons, people i know think they feel like garbage and these guys are goodthey know a good club when they hit it and I hated em.

I love the feel of the clubs; look at address; everything about them has been great!!