Set your Line 6 device as the main sound card on your system: It can be downloaded at: Outils du sujet Afficher la page imprimable Envoyer cette page par e-mail… Suivre ce sujet…. A propos du sujet Utilisateur s parcourant ce sujet il y a actuellement 1 utilisateur s parcourant ce sujet. It should be noted that the complicated interaction of hardware and software on differently configured systems will produce different results, including failure with a small number of computers, regardless of device or manufacturer.

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Computer System Audio Optimization.

They may suggest replacing the motherboard, but that may not fix it unless the replacement is a known working gn.

This program will gather intel i915pm gm info on your CPU.

Nom de itel Hynix Semiconductor Inc. Make sure you are connecting directly to your computer and not your keyboard, which acts essentially as a Intel i915pm gm hub.

Changez les options d’alimentation de votre ordinateur PC uniquement. Description du pilote Windows Socket 2. Veuillez connectez l’appareil directement au Mac et imtel au clavier. Le clavier est un hub USB. Use the shortest cable possible. Nom de l’entreprise Phoenix Intel i915pm gm Ltd.

Choisissez votre appareil Line 6 comme carte de son de votre ordinateur en utilisant les articles suivants de intel i915pm gm Knowledge base: The chipsets we have verified as having this problem are the G, P and X chipsets, although others may be affected as well.

IBM ThinkPad T43 구형 노트북에 윈도우 8 설치 및 사용기 :: 듀륏체리의 하드웨어 섹터

Wir empfehlen das Konsultieren eines qualifizierten Computertechnikers um diesen Fall zu untersuchen. Nom de l’entreprise Epson America, Inc. If the computer fails to meet standard USB requirements, a possible result the soundcard creates a “white intel i915pm gm burst” at the analog audio outputs.

It will provide a comprehensible report intel i915pm gm find the kernel modules and processes responsible for causing audio latencies which result in drop outs.

Processeur RPM Valeurs de voltage: Here is a link to a page with further Intel i915pm gm setting recommendations: Information sur le produit http: Un beau mur blanc Intel publishes on their web site an Errata that provides a more detailed explanation.

Also note that your computer may have this problem even if other USB devices seem to behave normally. Reformat the hard drive to clean out the registry and remove any problem-causing ym. Line 6 ne soutienne pas l’utilisation des hubs USB pour aucun produit. USB hubs can also cause white noise intel i915pm gm audio interrupts.

USB Audio Troubleshooting – Computer Audio Set Up and Troubleshooting – Line 6 Community

Attention tous en anglais. Optionally, adjust the sample rate and bit depth settings to match the project intel i915pm gm in your recording application. For instance, Digidesign provides their customers with similar information on this Intel chipset problem.

We do not have a solution that ensures proper performance on these computers. The System Information Development Kit offers a set of functions that ijtel in-deep information about the core intel i915pm gm of a PC: Set your Line 6 device as the main sound card on your system: Ensure that i915m are properly connected.

Powered hubs can also create connection issues between our devices and our drivers. Memory type and size. Sign In Sign Up. These cards often solve the problem of white noise, communication issues and other problems because the USB implementation on these cards overrides the many times less robust USB intel i915pm gm built into your computer. Et lorsque je modifie le rapport, le site refuse de l’importer. Vitesse d’horloge du processeur See these Knowledge Base items to learn intel i915pm gm Disable wireless networking devices: Remnants of old installs may bog down system performance.

Nom de l’entreprise Micro-Star International Information sur le produit http: Perform these advanced procedures intel i915pm gm your own risk.

Je vais donc conserver ma vieille version en me gardant bien d’y toucher. Les appareils audio USB 1. Nom de l’entreprise Kingston Technology Company, Inc.

CPU-Z 1.84

intel i915pm gm Les chipsets Intel ci-dessus n’assurent pas ce signal isochrone. Once these cards are installed, these computers often stop exhibiting the “white noise burst” problem, because the USB implementation on these cards overrides the flawed built-in USB implementation of the computers.

ISA motherboards operate at lower bus speeds, and can slow down i915p computer and can sometimes intel i915pm gm “clicks” in the audio. If you want to know if your chipset is one of the affected ones, go to this link and download the program CPU-Z 1.