It was slow — but working fine before I started this whole process. Maybe instead of increasing the primary partition you can create a second partition on the drive? I guess I need to replace the hard drive also. I got it when the previous owner brought it in with a crashed HD. Thanks for your help.

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Ideas on where I can purchase a replacement hard drive — nothing fancy, just want to get it working again for basic quicken. Probably try replacing the hard drive cable. Can you help me find a replacement cable that will work for this laptop? I got it when the previous owner brought it sony vaio pcg-6g7p with pcv-6g7p crashed HD.

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Sony Vaio adapter

I tried many password but failed. I cannot tell without testing the laptop. Any help would be appreciated. Did you go though the whole recovery process? They decided to abandon it. The original one failed sony vaio pcg-6g7p I decided to upgrade it with a faster one.

Thanks for your help. After the update try using Partition Magic again. You will not be able to access with hard drive if you forgot the password. I have the same problem. Maybe instead of increasing the primary partition you can create a second partition on the drive? Try reconnecting the hard drive cable on both ends — motherboard and hard drive itself. I guess you are talking about the sony vaio pcg-6g7p drive password. I see there may be a problem with a larger hard drive from a post above.

This should be available on the installation. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. Make sure you are running the latest BIOS. Enter the BIOS setup menu and try loading default settings. I am guessing their might be a limit to how much the bios can address but sony vaio pcg-6g7p not confirm this. I guess I need sony vaio pcg-6g7p replace the hard drive also.

What can it be? Sony say Recovery discs will not work on a different size hard drive to original!!! It was slow — but sony vaio pcg-6g7p fine before I started this whole process. Do you have a tutorial for this?

If you use any drive above that size you need to use a dynamic disk overlay. As you understand, the new drive comes without software.

Sony eSupport – PCG-TR3A – Support

I must be missing a screw or two. I was instructed to press F10 and restore from the partition. Will it bypass the VAIO logo with the sony vaio pcg-6g7p drive disconnected? By the way, can you see the unused space in Windows disc management utility? Boot your laptop from the first recovery disc and follow the wizard on the screen. This process will reimage your new HDD to factory defaults.

Check out if the hard drive will appear in the BIOS after that. Did as per guide and no probs except Recovery Disc applications will not load, says incompatible files pc-6g7p this model. If the original hard drive is still in a good sony vaio pcg-6g7p condition, you can try reinstalling factory software on the original hard drive and then cloning it to a sony vaio pcg-6g7p drive.

Any help will be much appreciated. Velo, Try to narrow down the problem. It pcg-6g7l been working great for a couple of years. I recently sony vaio pcg-6g7p a new gig and using Norton Ghost V9 managed to upgrade once again but the additional space is not recognized. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. Any chance may have restored with Norton improperly? I think the fan is mounted on the motherboard, sony vaio pcg-6g7p the motherboard has to be removed.

It shut down in the middle. If one of the modules failed, the laptop might not boot properly. I have a sony vaio pcg-vbcp the gov. Maybe something pcg-6gp in this guide: Sony vaio pcg-6g7p called tech support to re install my software for a clean start. Connect both brackets to the new drive, connect the cable, install the drive back into the laptop and install the cover.

Try disconnecting the hard drive and start the laptop. They can find the part number and order it for you directly from Sony.

On my last Sony laptop, I also could see the fan on the bottom, but it took me about 1.