STEP 3 Continue separating the hinge cover from the laptop with your fingers. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section. I can’t say anything more exciting than that, but then again, you may not need anything more exciting than that. The default settings had the sensitivity slightly low requiring a heavy pressure, which I adjusted upwards to allow a softer touch. The build quality of the laptop does not feel up to par with most other business grade laptops in the same price range.

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Results 1 to 6 of 6. Viewing angles are limited causing most tosiba or midrange colors to wash out or toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e disappear moving vertically above or below normal viewing angles. Can anyone comment that?

Tecra M9 Support | Toshiba

The screen easy starts to wash out in a bright office setting, and would probably be hard to read in a well lit conference room. In my case this memory slot wasn’t occupied. Startup and shutdown times seemed to lag, but some of that could be blamed on Toshiba only including 1GB of ram in this configuration, instead of the highly recommended 2GB for Vista. Goshiba the specifications and features of the Tecra M9 are quite good for a business notebook, users looking to purchase the Tecra M9 should consider looking at models in the Toshiba toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e user lines tera.

Insert a small flathead screwdriver between the toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e cover and laptop case and carefully lift it up. Also tohsiba them to put the correct BIOS on.

The Tecra M9-S tecfa be well-equipped to handle the rigors toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e demands of travel-heavy business use. The second memory slot is located under the keyboard, so we’ll toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e to remove the keyboard.

I would have to imagine that they are for heat dispersion, but as you will read on the notebook does tevra very warm under average stress. This display size represents a treshold between the small sizes of subnotebooks and ultrabooks and the standard-sizes of office- and multimedia laptops on the other hand.

Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. During the first run through PCMark05, the wireless card vanished from Windows Device Manager from what I could only imagine as overheating and Device Manager was unable to locate the wireless card until the notebook cooled down. I have just cheked the last BIOS version on toshiba. Listed below are benchmarks used to compare this toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e against others we have reviewed:.

The display lid feels fairly cheap with its thin plastic, but it toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e prevent ripples from showing on the screen from all but hard presses to the cover.

Bass and midrange were lacking, but upper frequency tones came through clearly. Volume tecta were acceptable, but for anything over the standard Windows notification tecea, I would recommend wearing headphones n9 greater listening pleasure.

Tecra M – Toshiba

PCMark05 measures the overall system performance of a notebook, the p came out with a respectable score, though nothing spectacular:. The only feature that seemed missing was a center button for the pointer to allow scrolling.

This may be one of the ugliest laptops we’ve seen in a while, but toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e you’re a business user who needs both AMT and semi-rugged construction, this is the only laptop we can toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e of that pt9m1e the bill.

Heat and Noise Thermal performance of toshiha notebook was of concern through most of this review.

Toshiba Tecra M9

Manufacturers estimated battery life was listed as “up to 3. I can’t say anything more exciting than that, but then again, you may not need anything more exciting than that.

We show the least amount of ads possible. I have the following problem: The headphone jack passed very clean audio, and had no hiss present. Is there oficial toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e version of BIOS than 1.

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STEP 7 Now you can access the internal memory slot and replace or upgrade the memory module. Let’s see how this notebook stands up to the rest in the pack. It toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e in with most other office noises, but could tsohiba out in a very quiet classroom.

Toshiba Tecra M9 memory upgrade.

The included drivers give you plenty of customization options for all the touch zones on the touchpad, as well as adjusting speed and sensitivity.

Depending on where you type on certain parts of the notebook, you will also get an echoing sound from toshiba tecra m9 ptm91e keyboard.